When the Paint Peels

from by Connectedness Locus



...was recorded on a rainy January afternoon in one of the back rooms of Swing State, a small art & music venue in the northern wastes of Illinois. The entire operation was executed on an analog reel-to-reel device.

"It makes you listen with your ears, rather than your eyes," Isaac said as he loaded the magnetic tapes. My jaw hit the floor. Somewhere, miles away, my computer was steadily collecting a fine layer of dust.


from When the Paint Peels, released February 18, 2010
Written & performed by Tyler Etters of Connectedness Locus. Produced & engineered by Isaac Pierce of The Block of Wood Recordings. Mastered by Arthur Zdrinc of Endless Field Studios.




Connectedness Locus Chicago, Illinois

...the moon sets, the batteries run dry, and a cold, dreamless sleep overcomes...

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